Cake cutting guide

How I cut a cake! 

We all like to cut our cakes differently, and why not?, that’s the joy of it being ‘ours’. 

I love a big slab of cake, but if I were to cut up a cake the way I’d eat it, there really wouldn’t be enough to go round!

People often ask me “how big a cake would I need to feed 20 people”? And when I tell them an 8” should do it they are worried it’s not going to be enough. 

So here I thought I’d share a cake portion guide to get the most out of your cake without thinking you need to order a massive cake to feed everyone who is going to turn up.

Although it’s nice to share your cakes with your most favourite people it’s usually a gesture rather than a dessert. And remember, this is just the way I do it and you can continue to cut it the way you always have done.